Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moving from Shozu to Pixelpipe

Sometimes, companies take decisions that are downright stupid. The latest to join the bandwagon is Shozu. It is now a paid app and can be downloaded only from mobile stores such as Nokia’s iPhone’s and Blackberry’s official stores. In India, the app costs 7 euros at the Ovi store.

Why is Shozu’s move stupid? Suppose you have a phone in which you have installed Shozu. If you change the phone or lose the Shozu application, you will have to pay 7 euros to get it again.

I keep flashing my Nokia E71 to get the latest firmware. Every time I do it, I lose most of the apps and install them again, including Shozu. But after I flashed my mobile on Saturday, I have re-installed almost all my apps, except Shozu, because I will have to shell out 7 euros to get Shozu from the Nokia OVI store.

I emailed Shozu from their contact form in their Web site, but Shozu has preferred to keep quiet.

So I have decided not to use Shozu. I have found an excellent alternative: Pixelpipe.

It integrates with Nokia Share Online app and offers almost all the functionalities of Shozu. As you use it through Nokia Share, you don’t have to run an app in the background as you have to if you use Shozu.

And it’s free!