Sunday, September 13, 2015

Flat for sale near Express Avenue, Chennai


* Area: Border Thottam
* 867 Sq ft 2 BHK first floor flat for Sale; UDS 583 sq ft
* Partially furnished;
* Inverter point
* 2 bathrooms (1 attached) and 2 balconies
* 10 minute walk from Royapettah Hospital
* 15 minute walk from Govt Multi-Specialty Hospital and new Govt Medical College
* 10 minute walk from Express Avenue (towards Triplicane).
* 15 minute walk from Triplicane
* 2 km from Marina Beach
* 7 years old
* Covered car park
* Rs 72 lakhs, negotiable

If interested, comment below or email me at

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Facebook 'Like' farming. Have you fallen for it?

This is another version of an online post by me in The Hindu Business Line

Are you on Facebook? Okay. How many times have you come across a post that entices you to “type 1 and see what happens” or “click Like and see what happens”.

Or it may just ask you to comment and "see what happens"

If you have fallen for it and clicked, well, nothing would have happened. Now you would have clicked a couple of times more just because nothing happened - “May be I didn’t click properly?”

Nothing happens because nothing is supposed to happen. What you (and thousands like you) have done by clicking on the ‘Like’ button or typing ‘1’ in the comment box -- is to help the post go viral. It would have also got into your Facebook wall, irritating your friends.

There are also posts that play with sentiments. They usually come with a picture of a cute kid who “is suffering from cancer” and with a fervent request to ‘Like’ it or ‘Share’ it if you want to help fight cancer.

Most of the time, the pictures are fake - like the “my sister Mallory” post that had a picture of a child who had Down’s Syndrome. The parents of the kid - whose real name was ‘Katie’, were shocked when they realised their child’s photo was going viral on the Internet with a fake name. The only truth was that Katie had Down’s Syndrome, but her parents had not posted her picture online or sought help.

But why do people do this? Facebook’s algorithm for popular posts measures ‘Likes’ and comments. The more Likes or comments a post gets, Facebook thinks the post is getting popular and pushes it more.

There is no real monetary benefit as of now if a page or post gets Likes, but being up there with a few lakhs of Likes, however useless it may be, gives the person who has posted it, a high.

So, the next time you come across a picture of a scantily clad woman that urges you to “click and see what happens”, just ignore it. Or if you still believe in such miracles, you can try sharing this piece on your Facebook wall. If you don’t, your Facebook will get infected by a virus and crash.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How to get rid of Twitter notification error

If you have allowed notificaitons in Twitter for Android settings, but if you are not getting them, or if you are not able to save your settings after you select the notifications you want, there is a way out.

Sometimes, even reinstalling the app doesn't help.

The solution is simple.

Go to the Twitter website (not mobile app). 

Click on your profile picture

Go to settings

Select apps - you will find the list of apps that can access your Twitter account. Don't be shocked if you find hundreds of apps. These are the apps you have, at some point of time, allowed acces to your Twitter account.

Click the button that says REVOKE next to Twitter for Android.

Now, if you open Twitter in your Android mobile, it would have logged off. There is nothing to worry.

Now sign in again in the app.

Go to settings in the app and select notifications, and check whatever you want.

That's it :)

But why does the error happen in the first place? If you have (or had) multiple Android devices and have the Twitter app installed in them, may be Twitter gets confused. There is no other explanation.

Was this helpful? You can contact me at on Twitter: @dinakaran