Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Milk Booth?

This is supposed to be a Aavin milk booth in Chennai (booth no. 115, Pycrofts I street).
The poor guys manning the booth have no protection against the vagaries of the weather. There was a run-down structure resembling booth earlier, but one fine day, it disappeared.
Even Government bodies seem to be motivated only by profits. Employees or consumers come low in the priority order.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

E72 firmware upgrade to 31.023

I upgraded the software in my E72 from 21.024 to 31.023 today. Though there were warnings in Nokia forums about problems with the upgrade, I decided to go ahead with it. My ‘courage’ won. I have none of the problems faced by those in the forum.

The upgrade installs a few apps like the long-awaited Internet Radio (inside the radio app), a connectivity app, a Bloomberg app and a separate Ovi sync app.

The nice thing about upgrading the firmware in E72 compared E71 is that all the apps you have installed in your phone remain. In the E71, I had to install all the apps all over again after each firmware upgrade.

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