Friday, July 21, 2006

Ban on Blogs - Who is to blame?

Now, here's a twist to the tale. It seems the Government of India wanted only specific blogs to be blocked. But the Indian ISPs went overboard and blocked all blogs.
Is it because of lack of technology with the ISPs to block only specific sub-domains? Or is it plain laziness?
Are the Indian ISPs so technolgically incompetent to ban specific sub-domains? A report in The Hindu has a photocopy of the Governments order asking ISPs to block specific blogs and Web sites. The list has just 17 Web sites. Which means, the ISPs are to blame. Which again means, I have to withdraw my previous posting. If it is the ISPs which are in the wrong, I am sorry that the Government has come in for flak from everyone, including me.
But again, why is the Government banning Web sites and blogs? Why is it so paranoid about sites like
About this later.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Harebrained action

Trust the UPA Government to come up with one harebrained move after other. With Ministers like Arjun Singh (quota), Dayanidhi Maran (arm-twisting the Tatas), Anbumani (sacking the AIIMS chief and denying pay to the doctors) and Dayanidhi Maran again (blocking blogs).

Even after a week after the Mumbai blasts, the Government is clueless about those behind them. And it wants to show it is 'taking' action. What does it do? It bans blogs!

It is up to the bloggers to drive some sense into the Government (if you can call it one). CNN-IBN has a poll. Switch on to CNN IBN channel and follow the instructions to participate in the poll. You can also log on to

And write. Postin as many blogs as possible. Yahoo360 and MSN Spaces for example. Rediff, Indiatimes and Sify have blogs too. You can create fresh blogs and write against the censorship. But I don't know how many of them have been blocked. Anyway, no harm in trying.

If you want to read banned blogs, esp. in blogger (blogspot), you can do so in . You can also type . For example, you can type (he he, it's mine!).

Indiatimes has an article on circumventing the ban. Read it at : . I also has a link for a wiki site on reading banned blogs.

Now start.