Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yahoo! Meme


Yahoo!'s microblogging platform Meme, is now available in English.

At the first glance, Meme is good. What differentiates Meme from Twitter is that you can add photos, videos and MP3s apart from text.
Aviary meme-yahoo-com Picture 1The interface looks good. Unlike Twitter, where you have to use external services such as Twitpic for posting pictures and videos, you can post them directly in Meme.

Moreover, you can see the pictures or videos directly in Meme.
But there are some drawbacks. While you can post photos from your computer, you post only videos and MP3s only as Web links. It remains to be seen whether Meme can break the stranglehold of Twitter.

I have just started posting in Meme.

You can find my Meme here.

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