Thursday, March 11, 2010

Encroachments around GP Road

General Patters Road, or GP Road, as it is popularly knows is just 1/2 km away from the new Tamil Nadu Assembly complex. It is a wholesale market for automobile spare parts.

As you enter the bylanes and roads from GP Road, you can find heavy machinery and all sorts of auto parts including tyres, radiators and even engines strewn along the roads. As the machinery and auto components are huge, they occupy almost 50 per cent of the road space. There seems to be hardly any monitoring or enforcement.

The guys strolling around these shops are mostly hoodlums from the slums around the area. Though it is just 1/2 km away from the spanking new Assembly complex that is coming up, it is surprising the law enforcing agencies have so far turned a blind eye to the area. If anybody enters the area by mistake after viewing the Assembly complex, he is sure to suffer a stroke and collapse. So stark is the contrast.