Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Servicing at Accel Frontline? Beware!

Accel Frontline is the servicing centre for Sony Ericsson, Fly and Orion phones. If you have one of these phones that require servicing, please avoid Accel Frontline. Here’s how they went about ‘servicing’ my mobile.

My Fly E300 was not charging. As an Accel Frontline unit was near my house, I went there.

They checked the mobile (it took over one hour) and said the charging pins had to be replaced. I agreed.

When I collected it, I found that the phone was not charging. Hadn’t they changed the connectors? Yes, they said. But the reason this time was the faulty cable. But, hadn’t they said the charging pin was the culprit? Hadn’t they checked everything before taking the mobile for servicing? The girl at the counter had no answer.

Moreover, I found the memory card missing. When I brought it to their notice, she simply said, “We don’t take memory cards.” Then what else do you take ma’am?

The entire process had taken over an hour. I  was already late to office. I just came out. I went to the office and sent an email to and , as there was no email ID to be found for the Chennai Greams Road service centre.

I am waiting for the reply. I will update the blog once I get it.