Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The HTC Charger story

What do you do when your mobile’s charger goes phut? Buy a new one.
How do you buy a new one? Go to the nearest mobile shop or an authorised dealer (so that you get a genuine one) and buy one.
Easy. Right?
But the HTC mobile phone guys thought it shouldn’t be so easy. So they devised a new way. How?
First, you have to ring up HTC customer care. You can use their toll-free number (Oh! Thanks a lot!)
Tell the customer care guy you need a battery. He will give you a complaint number and go to the ONLY service centre in your city - which may be 25 km away. No other service centres? Sorry. This is the only one, the customer care guy will tell you.
So you take down the address and go in search of the service centre. You may have to go around several times in the area to discover the service centre located in a tiny lane, which you may easily miss.
Why can’t HTC just sell their chargers in shops like mobile phones?