Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bilawal Bhutto 'in trouble'

We all have received scam emails requesting our account details offering us a cut of huge funds. Almost all are from unknown guys - mostly from Africa.
For a change, here's one I received recently - from just across the border - from 'Bilawal Bhutto'.
Unfortunately, the scamster forgot that far from being hounded by Musharaff, it is Bilawal's party that is ruling Pakistan now.
Here is the email:

Dear Sir/Ma

My name is Bilawal Bhutto the son of Benazir Bhutto who was mudered in Pakistan by the present Pakistan Government on Thursday, 27 December 2007, Ms Bhutto was leaving a rally of her Pakistan People's Party (PPP) supporters in a park in the garrison town of Rawalpindi when attackers opened fire. Then a bomb was set off by the same attacker which left my mother dead and some 20 other people. You can find details of the killing of my mother on these website below:-,8599,1699006,00.html

Life has become unbearable since she was shot dead. Since then, my family and I have been Living with shock and uncertainties, the Government of Musharaff has made life difficult for us by ensuring that we are not disposed to our finances and other properties that is owned by my mother and this has made life difficult for us. Just before my mother died she called my attention to the money she deposited in foreign account and charged me to look for a foreigner who would assist me in the retrieving of the funds abroad which she wanted to use for the election, So l would be very grateful if you could accept to help me archieve this great objective.

For now, let all our communication be by e-mail because my line are right now connected to the Pakistan Telecommunication Network services. I will give you details after I have  received a response from you. Please contact me through my private email address:-

Thank you very much.

Bilawal Bhutto

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