Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How to rescue a drowned cellphone

All might NOT be lost the next time you drop your cell phone in the toilet.

According to Lifehack, even if your cell phone goes for a swim, you might still be able to rescue it:

"I took the phone home, removed the battery and put it in the oven for a good bake on the "warm" setting, followed by a half hour in front of the blow dryer. It sprang back to life. I thought that was pretty cool, although the first friend I called wanted to know if I’d washed the phone before dialing. I guess he was worried about getting toilet germs in his ear," says Anne, who had dropped it in the toilet.

Try it at your own risk, but since your phone is already wet, you really have nothing to lose by trying to repair it in this fashion; and if it works, you'll have saved yourself some money at the cell phone store.

I faced a similar problem an year ago (No! I didn,t drop it in the toilet.) We (the phone and I) just got drenched at a waterpark.

Though I was clueless, I put it out to dry in the blazing sun for a couple of days. It is still functioning normally.