Thursday, December 28, 2006

The blackmailing continues

After Medha, it's Mamata's turn to blackmail. She has learnt the lessons well from the other 'M's known for blackmailing through indefinite fasts - Mahatma and Medha.
Medha briefly ventured to Singur, but has now disappeared. Now it is left to Mamata to carry the 'torch' of blackmail in Bengal.
Buddhadeb says he is ready to talk to Mamata 'anywhere', 'anytime'. But Mamata will have none of it.
While Buddhadeb is trying to get West Bengal past the strike-friendly Leftist unions and get some investment, Mamata is all set to derail his plans. Even if the Tatas succeed in setting up the project, other investors will think twice before venturing into Bengal.
It's high time the 'fasts unto deaths' and 'indefinite fasts' are classified as attempt to commit suicide and dealt firmly.