Friday, January 20, 2006

Response to Sanjay Dadlani from Equalizer

This is Equalizer's reply to Sanjay Dadlani's comments.

Dinakaran, I read Sanjay's response and I would like to comment on it.

Any casual reader of Sanjay's reply might feel that his rebuttal is fair, factual and balanced. Indeed, for those who are not fully conversant with all the facts surrounding the Sathya Sai Controversy, Sanjay's response seems completely adequate. However, let me give you some examples on how Sanjay purposely withholds pertinent information that undermines his comments.

I will discuss the following three issues: 1) The Unesco Withdrawl; 2) The real evidence against Sathya Sai Baba and 3) The Dadlani'nanda blog.

1) THE UNESCO WITHDRAWAL: Sanjay made reference to the Unesco Withdrawl as one of the "successes" of the Anti-Sai movement. What Sanjay failed to divulge is that the Unesco Withdrawal was due entirely to an unremitting "e-bombing" campaign waged by Anti-Sai Activists. I have written a fully referenced article that discusses this issue in depth: The Real Reason Behind The Unesco Withdrawl from the ISSE Conference. Sanjay also failed to disclose the fact that Anti-Sai Activists are now attacking Unesco because Unesco removed their withdrawal notice (against SSB) from their site. Sanjay is quick to reference the Unesco withdrawal, but leaves out pertinent information because it would undermine his reference to them.

2) THE REAL EVIDENCE AGAINST SATHYA SAI BABA: Anti-Sai allegations are made despite NO court cases ever being filed, first-hand, in a court of law in India. As a matter of fact, not even one alleged victim has even tried. Not even one alleged victim has utilized free, "world class legal resources" to bring Sathya Sai Baba to justice. Not even one single affidavit has ever been made public (despite numerous claims to "20", "scores" and "over a hundred" affidavits being in existence and allegedly published on the internet). The online petition (against SSB and Sai Org.) has never been independently verified. "Evidence" is cited from mostly anonymous sources or people using a first name or a pseudonym. Anti-Sais have slandered Sathya Sai Baba in the most vile way, yet whenever anyone questions them and their character, all of a sudden they are beyond reproach. No documents. No affidavits. No court cases. No first-hand complaints filed in India. No independent agencies verifying their alleged data. No nothing! Despite these facts, Anti-Sai Activists have the audacity to attack those who question their viewpoints and unsubstantiated claims. One must also remember that all of these allegations are many, many years old.

3) THE DADLANI'NANDA BLOG: Sanjay felt that my Dadlani'nanda blog is tarnishing his reputation and that it is "slanderous" and "disgusting" (nevermind his wholesome reputation for disgusting posts on his online blog and his innocent requests for Jesus pornography: Refs: 01; Sanjay also made mention to composite images that he claimed are "childish". Again, what Sanjay failed to mention is that this whole issue of composite images and parodies first began because of his actions on his blog. Reference Taking It With A Smile & Comic Humor (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Sanjay posted sexually suggestive images, on his blog, against SSB. One of the images even depicted a child giving SSB oral sex from underneath his robe! These images provoked a response from a Sai Devotee using an anonymous name. PremaPerm sent me composite images of Dadlani to see how he liked it (Reference). Since sanjay felt that his postings of composite images were amusing, lighthearted and done in a spirit of casual jest, I fail to understand why he is so upset when the same thing was done to him? Sanjay also cited the International Sai Tribune blog, that parodies SSB, on his blog. If you look at the Contributors on that blog, you will notice that Sanjay is one of them (Sai Baba Exposed). Again, since Sanjay feels that parodies are harmless fun, why is he taking such great offence when I parody him on my blog? It is also important to point out that there are parodies written against Lisa De Witt and me on the International Sai Tribune blog as well. So if Sanjay thinks nothing about parodies against SSB, Devotees and me, why is he castigating me for engaging in the very same behavior that he engages in? Don't expect Sanjay to give you these facts. I created the Dadlani'nanda blog to expose his hypocrisy. As you can see, it worked.

And if you want to see whom is being negative and whom is attacking others, I suggest you take a look at the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group and look for Sanjay's posts under the name SaiExposed420. Sanjay repeatedly accuses me of telling lies about him. However, he refuses to provide me with any factual information to refute any of my comments about him. It is obvious that Sanjay is disgruntled that I uncovered so much of his filth on the internet. Of course, no one is to blame but Sanjay himself. If he didn't write his filth in the first place, no one would have found it. Period.

So there you have it, Dinakaran. Did you know all these facts when you read Sanjay's reply? Now you know why I don't engage him in discussions. In my opinion, he is incapable of a rational discussion.

Sanjay Dadlani Exposed