Saturday, January 21, 2006

Equalizer's response to Brian Steel

This is a response from Equalizer to Brian Steel's comments

This is exactly the problem with Brian Steel. He has not refuted my critique about him one bit. Rather, he strengthens my position while compromising his own. Remove the rhetoric about me and focus on Brian Steel's comments about the English Translations vs. the Original Telugu Discourses and the issue is still the same.

Brian Steel said, "My basic point was (and is) that there is an essential difference between what SSB says in his frequent unscripted Telugu Discourses and what is subsequently published in English..." Fair enough. However, if this is true, why does Brian Steel, and other Anti-Sai Activists, use the English Translations as reliable references to what SSB actually and literally said in his discourses? Brian Steel just claimed that what SSB said in Telugu is not what is being published in English.

Strengthening my case, once again, Brian Steel said, "Most devotees have been totally unaware of this and therefore inadvertently quote the officially published commercial versions of the Discourses as if they offered SSB's exact words (and style)." What is amusing about this comment is that Brian Steel himself quotes the "officially published commercial versions" offering them as SSB's "exact words" when it comes to perceived factual discrepancies made by SSB (something done by other Anti-Sai Activists as well)! Why does Brian Steel adhere to two different standards? He tries very hard to make the case that the English Translations are not SSB's actual and literal words, yet (at the same time) uses these same English Translations as inerrant references to what SSB literally and actually said in Telugu, when it comes to discrepancies and perceived errors!

This brings us to Brian Steel's reference to accurate "literal translations". Brian Steel is referring to translations that were published on This site was run by devotees who published "thoughts for the day" and discourses in 9 languages. Brian Steel does not know who made these "literal translations". Brian Steel knows nothing about these devotees, including their names. Brian Steel cannot say, with any certainty, that these translations were accurate. Brian Steel believed these translations were accurate based on the word of devotees! How does Brian Steel not know that these devotees may have enhanced or edited the translations to reflect their devotion in SSB? How can Brian Steel accept the word of devotees when he considers them mislead, belonging to a cult and being brainwashed?

Since Brian Steel does not speak, write or understand Telugu, he is basing ALL of his conclusions on speculations, probabilities and on the word of others.

Since SSB's Telugu discourses are recorded on audio cassettes (and easily obtainable by the general public), it should not be difficult for Anti-Sai Activists to hire a neutral, professional translator (as they have done in the past) and compare the translations. No one has even attempted to do this. That's probably because Anti-Sai Activists (including Brian Steel) have found errors in about 60 discourses, out of 1,200 (or 0.04%)!

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