Sunday, March 27, 2005

40 years young!

I know many people who think it's all over when they cross 35. It doesn't matter if you don't 'look' young, as this article from Indiatimes shows. Why do people get depressed when they reach this age? The answer is in the last sentence of this article.

Some men get naughty at 40!
by JHUMARI NIGAM (indiatimes)
Forty is no longer a dreaded word. Many people in their 40s are now rediscovering their strengths and enjoying life to the fullest.
And you thought, life ceases to excite at 40? Tch, tch! You surely seem to be out of touch with the latest headlines.
According to a recent study, 40's the age for some serious fun and 40-somethings prefer to wave good-bye to mid-life blues.
So what if this decade is often associated with failed ambition and sagging midriff? The worldly worries have done little damage to the spirit of living life. And it's pretty evident too.
Look at Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan, Anil Kapoor and the co. all in their 40s and still going strong!
Or for that matter Hollywood hunk Bruce Willis, who was recently quoted saying — "I am having the best sex of my life" — now when he's almost half a century old. Even Anil Kapoor feels that he's "got a long way to go".
The zeal to live — and live life to the fullest, is obviously as contagious as it can get.

So we have a few like Gita Patel who runs a kickboxing centre for fitness in Ahmedabad saying, "From sex to hair to body to life — everything gets exciting at this age." Patel who stopped counting her age after she hit 40, enjoys herself most when she gets the adrenaline running in her body. "I can't think of discontinuing exercises. Age is definitely no bar when it comes to making the most of life," she says.
Perhaps, this carefree attitude can be attributed to the emotional "growth spurt" that makes people more relaxed and easier for others to spend time with, as identified by scientists.
Agrees acclaimed dancer Maulik Shah, who feels, with age comes a sense of confidence that helps people take themselves a bit easy.
"Having achieved certain recognition as an artiste, I feel more comfortable since I don't have to prove myself," he says.
So does that mean one's ready to experiment at 40? "I am ready for calculated and not random risks since I've clearly understood my strengths and weaknesses by now," he adds.
Psychologist Suresh Majumdar calls this 'a phase of generativity' when a person begins to feel satisfied and relaxed. "At 40, a person is settled in his career and content on personal front also. That brings in a sense of security," he says.
However, there can be a different set of 40s too. "For some people who fail to give or contribute through their lives and only complain of dissatisfaction, 40 can be a depressing phase," Majumdar concludes.