Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sankaracharya's 'interrogation' video

There are several questions that arise about the 'interrogation' video.

1. The Seer looks clearly drugged.
2. He is lying down and his speech is incoherent.
3. Why is he lying down? Are 'interrogations' done this way?
4. He seems sleepy and is unable to speak properly.
5. At one point of time, he seems to doze off, but is woken up with a question by the cops.
6. Why are the cops' voices so clear, while the seer's isn't?
5. DID THE SEER KNOW HE IS BEING FILMED ON VIDEO? Or has it been secretly filmed?
6. The seer's postures and looks indicate he is not aware of the filming.
7. How did a police video find it's way to media?
8. Obviously the only source for the leak is the police.
9. Isn't the matter sub-judice? How can the channels telecast it?

The Supreme Court (not the high court) must look into these and bring the cop(s) and the Tamil Nadu Government to book. It will stop all the nonsense.