Thursday, January 06, 2005

The plight of Anara Gupta

There is no need to teach our country's policemen how to play with people's live. They seem to be just waiting for opportunities to be under limelight.
One feels sorry for the former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta. Before the cops implicate someone, especially a young woman, of a sexual crime, they must complete their homework first. This they do not seem to have done in the Anara Gupta case.
With the forensic tests proving that the girl in the tape is not Gupta, the J&K Police have a lot to answer.
I wonder why they did not realise that the allegation was so serious that it could end any semblance of normal life for Anara? Were there no women cops who could understand Anara's feelings? Why did they not realise that they were playing with the life of a young woman?
The allegation was that the girl in the video was Anara. Did the cops do anything to cross-check it? May be they got carried away by the fact that they were dealing with Miss Jammu.
It is necessary to be extra-careful when dealing with such allegations.
Though Anara Gupta has been cleared by the forensic people, it will be a long time before she finds her moorings and starts leading a normal life. That is, if the cops release her and clear her of all the charges.