Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How to get rid of Twitter notification error

If you have allowed notificaitons in Twitter for Android settings, but if you are not getting them, or if you are not able to save your settings after you select the notifications you want, there is a way out.

Sometimes, even reinstalling the app doesn't help.

The solution is simple.

Go to the Twitter website (not mobile app). 

Click on your profile picture

Go to settings

Select apps - you will find the list of apps that can access your Twitter account. Don't be shocked if you find hundreds of apps. These are the apps you have, at some point of time, allowed acces to your Twitter account.

Click the button that says REVOKE next to Twitter for Android.

Now, if you open Twitter in your Android mobile, it would have logged off. There is nothing to worry.

Now sign in again in the app.

Go to settings in the app and select notifications, and check whatever you want.

That's it :)

But why does the error happen in the first place? If you have (or had) multiple Android devices and have the Twitter app installed in them, may be Twitter gets confused. There is no other explanation.

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