Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Landmark Forum introduction

[Posted from E71]
I attended an introductory programme of The Landmark Forum at Madipakkam on Sunday.
I don't know how to describe the Forum. We can say it helps you find out and set right the real reasons behind your problems. May be this is too simplistic, but the real advantage will be visible to you only if you attend an introductory session.
I was coaxed into attending the session by Sanjukta and Mukund of Bangalore. They say the Forum has helped them a lot in improving their lives. I am sure they cannot be wrong, because all members of Sanjukta's family - father Selvakumar, mother Vanaja, brother Satish [who convened today's session] and his wife Udaya are all deeply into this and vouch for its effectiveness.
One nice thing about the Forum, is that The Landmark Education, the company behind the Forum, makes no bones about the fact that it is a commercial enterprise. Today, Satish ended the session with, ''Thank you for doing business with us.''
Business? Yes. A four-day session costs Rs 7,100. This may appear steep, but when you think that attending it could transform your life, it's a pittance.
I know the Selvakumars personally and they are one of the nicest families I have come across. They are such an ideal family that I don't think they can get anything better from the Forum, but the fact that they have, vouches for the Forum's effectiveness.

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