Monday, April 10, 2006

Not Surprisingly SBI

AT last, the'indefinite' strike in State Bank of India is over. The staff of the country's 'largest bank' have finally decided to get back to work after holding the entire country for ransom. They relaxed at their respective homes while the poor customers were at their wit's end.
Of course, they have the right to strike work. But why can't they have a day's token strike? Why an indefinite strike? Did the unions ever realise that the Indian middle class which depend on their month's salaries will be left in the lurch? I wonder even salaries from the companies were credited to their accounts because of the strike. The poor customers would have to wait for a few days more for that to happen and then withdraw their money.
It has become a habit to go on indefinite strikes and indefinite fasts. It's nothing short of blackmail. The unions that resort to such strike and people like Medha Patkar deserve to be thrown in jail. What they are doing is nothing short than non-violent terrorism. (See my posting 'Is non-violence violence?')
But the Governments - State or Central - too must share the blame. The Governments just don't listen if you submit petitions or write letters to editor in newspapers or talk to the representative they have elected (if they can find him). There HAS to be some violence. Block roads; throw stones; burn a few (Government) buses; block roads (again) by taking huge processions in peak hour through main thoroughfares. And like Medha Patkar and the unions, resort to indefinite strikes and fasts.
Just look what happened: After realising that Medha Patkar won't budge, three Union Ministers rushed to the SSP-affected areas. And and another Union Minister Chidambaram himself intervened and gave the SBI staff what they wanted.
Now you know what to do when you want something. Go on an indefinite fast or strike. You can have your way without being branded a terrorist, though you are one - a non-violent terrorist.
And who said SBI is gearing up to face the competition? PSU staff will be PSU staff. Nothing can change them. And the proof is - Not Surprisingly SBI.