Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mumbai Xpress

I saw Mumbai Xpress. The Kamal Haasan-Singitham Srinivasa Rao combination, which has given several successful films has done it again.
Avinash (Kamal) who calls himself Mumbai Xpress, is deaf. He is a honest guy. He is forced to join a gang which plans to kidnap a kid for ransom. The gang includes a horse, whose main aim in life is to bite people and whatever crosses its way. They end up kidnapping the wrong kid who turns out to be the son of the Asst. Commissioner of Police, and the rest is mayhem. But Avinash wants to return the kid and the money he received. The film has just one song.
I regard Kamal as one of the brilliant minds in Indian cinema. He has a way with comedy - he has the ability to make even simple acts funny.
The jarring point is the riduculous scene where the kid threatens to commit suicide and Avinash agrees to be his father and Manisha Koirala's husband. The treatment of the scene is not adequate and the scene seems to drag. Avinash falls for Manisha the next second and there is a song which is almost like a duet. I never new becoming a husband is so easy!
Except for this, the film is an excellent entertainer. Ramesh Arvind as the Telugu insurance agent has done an excellent job.
But the film seems to end abrubtly. The reason may be the censor's cut of a song.
The movie is worth watching once. But please leave your logic at home.