Monday, December 20, 2004

The MMS clip and Baazee.

It's time to put behind bars CEOs of all TV channels, Editors of all newspapers and magazines and heads of all news portals. That is, if we go by the Government's logic in arresting Avnish Bajaj, CEO of

What was his crime? Did he shoot the porn MMS? No. Did he have sex with the girl? No. Did he send MMS? No. Did he watch it? No. Then why was he arrested?

Because, the MMS clip was sold through Baazee.

The cops don't seem to have a clue how auction sites like baazee function. The deals are directly between the buyer and the seller. And Baazee is only a platform.

Now, how is Avnish responsible? The cops may say baazee should have filtered the content which are sold.

But how do you filter over 50,000 entries? The only way is to automate it. But unfortunately, our cops are so IT-savvy that it half the items on baazee (or any other site) would be chucked out if automatic filter is employed. If you have doubts, just search for 'saree' in google. You will get thousands of porn sites. Now what do you do? Arrest the CEO of google? Then our cops will have to arrest the CEOs of all search engine sites including Bill Gates.

Our cops dont seem to have a clue on how things are sold in baazee. First they said the MMS was sold through CDs. (There is an 'unbeatable' logic here. It its porn, it has to be CDs.) Then they found out it wasn't. Now they say the MMS was sold as email attachments, which seems to be true.

Baazee now belongs to ebay. So, they have arrested an ebay official. What a great advertisement for 'attracting' FDI!